Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week Sixteen

Week Sixteen is a cover of "Mount Harissa" by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, although the portion I've excerpted is most likely the Duke's tune. The beautiful song which comprises the middle portion of the original composition sounds more like Strayhorn. This melody I've recorded serves as Mount Harissa's "oriental" bookends. The song is one part of their 1966 Far East Suite. Following the suite's motivic contour, this tune opens with an "oriental" sounding melody which then gives way to a typical American blues turnaround. Ellington and Strayhorn's success is that these two factions meld effortlessly into Ellingtonia throughout all of the suite's movements.

Here, I've given "Mount Harissa" the Ventures treatment - and I'd be surprised if the the Ventures hadn't already. Performed by SG, bass, Wurlitzer 200a, and dueling samples of the one and the only Leatherpants on drums (via live Party Favorites recordings). (2 minutes, 44 seconds).


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