Friday, November 13, 2009

Week Fourteen

This week's entry is nothing like it was first imagined. After days of unsuccessful attempts to complete the recording last week, I considered it a fail and moved on. "Week Fourteen - take 2" and "Week Fourteen - take 3" were also fails. Perhaps this week's entry was never meant to be. Days later (and already late for the rigid weekly schedule I've assigned myself for Instrumental Quaalude) I listened again to the first fail. It lacked a melody I had intended to create and record, consisting instead of only random backing tracks of tremelo feedback against a single muffled tremelo guitar line punctuated by distant crappy bangs and plastic sizzle. I had ridden the tremelo on the Bronco attempting to put the pulses roughly in time (as 1/8th notes). A higher guitar makes a few appearances playing off the straight rhythm in 3s. Given a few days departure from the frustrating experience of recording this I realized that the pieces fit together in a form that works without a melody. The result sounds like disparate clouds over a very hot and terrible land. (3 minutes, 28 seconds).


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